Kadaria Ahmed: The Girl Is Good. How She Striped Atiku and Obi Naked On National TV

Kadaria Ahmed. She reared them like cattle.

She led Atiku into a pen. She asked him to define corruption. He dabbled into the trap. He said it was abuse of public office for private gain. Then she slammed the door.

She asked him what Volpi and Intel were about.

Atiku squirmed like a rat that jumped onto a piece of fish and landed on a rat gum.

She asked him to calm down. Because she was not there for tales by moonlight. She asked him how Intels came by a monopolistic federal concession when he was vice president.

Atiku squirmed.

Obi ran in to help.

She dragged him into the quagmire.

She asked him why he invested billions of naira of state govt money in a brewery where his Company Next had just become a major shareholder when he was governor.

Obi didnt appreciste the conflict of interest sinkhole infront of him

Obi cried with his thin voice in righteous indignation. He claimed he made billions for the state.

She told Obi to behave and stop being childish. Three times she reminded Obi to remember he was on a national stage.

A rattled Obi remained disoriented. By the time he came to himself he had been tied hands and feet .

He had to act quickly. He acted rashly . He disowned NEXT. He told a bewildered nation that he was no longer the founder of the company .

But Kadaria was relentless. She then sought to know if Obi understood that NEXT being a family business doesn’t relieve him of any moral burden in the matter.

Obi was stunned.

When she returned to Atiku , he was begging for reprieve. But it wouldn’t come. A ruthless member of the audience had taken the microphone. He quoted a passage in Onasanjos book. There, Atiku was painted as a cross breed between Judas , Esau and Barrabas.

Corrupt. Lacking conscience. Greedy. Roguish.

The impudent boy wanted to know if Atiku would hire a worker who came with such a colourful reference from his former boss. Atiku stopped short of calling Obasanjo a bloody liar.

Obi , still stuck in the rut of premier breweries, leaned in to help a bleeding Atiku. He said referees can change their minds now after reviewing the VAR. But his shopkeepers wisdom didnt tell him that this referee still stands by his earlier assessment. The referee only thinks that the sinner has repented.

Kadaria Ahmed is a certified undertaker.

Atiku needed fresh air. He tried to leap out of the window. He announced from the blues that he had taken 45000 people in Adamawa out of poverty.

Kadaria dragged him back.

Where are these people?

She asked Atiku why Adamawa is still one of the poorest states in Nigeria despite his claims. And has been in same wretched position for 20 years.

Atiku became desperate. Then he launched another get out jail stun claim. He lent EFCC 300 million to commence operation. Kadaria screamed.

He softened. It was government money he diverted without appropriation.

Kadaria Ahmed is seasoned prison warder.

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