Elders Call For An End To Destructive Dictatorship In Oro Nation

Save Oron Union From Total Collapse

I have decided to use this same Platform which Mrs Janet Amba used to pour so much invectives on my person and some other respected Ôrô Elders via a recorded audio message to offer a Way forward for our dear Oron Union. In that audio message Mrs Janet Amba sounded as if she is the only saint that has such prerogative of poke-nosing into one’s retirement and marital life.

There is this proverb in Ôrö that has to do with Marriage… “Idiöng ömonu edeghe nkpör, emebre eluöghör nnwa” i.e If consulting mediums were a good thing, it would have been done to find a wife.
It’s also very important to note that it takes a Man with spine to kick out a bad wife and remarry. Retirement from work at a ripe working age is far better than dismissal from place of work like Mrs Janet was dismissed from Mobil Unlimited. She was not only dismissed but she also caused the untimely retirement of many departmental heads ( I will elaborate at another time)
Back to the Crisis in our beloved Oron Union, I must say true friends tell each other the truth. There cannot be sincere friendship where there is no truth.

Those who are telling Mrs Janet A. Amba – the incumbent President General of Oron Union the truth are her true friends. Those who are shielding her from the truth while she goes on insulting responsible leaders of Ôrö are those who are her real enemies. The truth here is that Mrs Jane Amba’s-led CEC has failed Oro and must be dissolved.

Few days ago, I stumbled on a communique issued at the 93rd Annual General Meeting (hereinafter, AGM)/Conference 2018 of Oron Union, held on Thursday December 27 through Saturday December 29, 2018 on the Social Media. After a painstaking perusal, I became not only disappointed by the current CEC of the Union, but worried about the future of Oro Nation.

Highlight of the Communique include but not limited to: Conferment of honorary membership of the Union, Reception of some accomplished Oron Union members in their fields of endeavour, Management of the affairs of the Union/renovation of the Civic Centre Complex, Furtherance of Oro’s quests in the restructured Nigeria, and the supremacy of Oron Union Women’s, Youth and Students’ wings. Others are: Formation of Oron Union Think Tank Committee, Formation of Oron Union Council of Elders, suspension of eight (8) branch President of the Union, etc.

From the communique, it is clear that the Union under Janet is visionless, clueless and above all, not interested in the marginalization of Oro by the present Akwa Ibom State government. Sadly, the PG pretended not to be on the know what Oro is facing in an increasing rancorous, fractious and predatory political environment called Akwa Ibom State.

For instance, the Union under Janet Amba seem to be less interested on the abandonment of the dualization of Uyo – Oron road and Enwang- Etebi road project; relocation of Ibaka Deep Seaport Project and subsequent change of name; denial of due benefits to Oro as an oil producing community owing to the failure of Akwa Ibom State Government to give effect to NASS Resolutions; failure by the present Akwa Ibom State Government to set up an Oil Producing Area Development Commission as it is done by other oil producing States in Nigeria; and refusal to support the upgrade of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron to degree awarding institution.

Most grievously, uptil date, the PG is unable to clarify who actually renovated the Civic Centre between Governor Udom Emmanuel and Rt. Hon.Nse Ekpenyong.

Frustratingly, instead of embarking on issues that are of great importance to Oro growth, the PG had exhibited what I may termed “Caesaristic dictatorship” by unilaterally suspending eight (8) outspoken Presidents of most viable branches of the Union, though nobody seems to see anything wrong in this barbaric act. Worst still, the PG deliberately excluded the political organ/mouthpiece of Oro Nation – the Oro Think Tank (intellectual power house of Oro) from the Conference. She depended on mediocrity which produces mediocre.

No wonder Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish 19th century steel tycoon who became one of the 20th century’s most famous philanthropists, once said: “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents”.

From critical assessment of the Crisis, it is clear that Mrs Janet Amba lacks the capacity to organise Oro talk less of speaking for Oro. Her meddlesomeness in partisan political activities in flagrant violation of Oron Union constitution and normative expectations are not far to seek. As I speak, Janet has proliferated Oro nation with de facto groups that are counterproductive with the ones recognized by the COTR.

For instance, Oron Union Youth Group, (ignoring Nlap Isong Akpakip Oro) set up by COTR in 2014. She is also contemplating constituting Oron Union Think Tank Committee. My question is, What is the problem with the present OTT? Evidently, Janet is currently tearing Oro apart.

I am calling on the immediate dissolution of the current CEC to save our only heritage from total collapse*.

God Bless Oro

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