The #OnlyGod is #ONE’s God, Jehovah ~ Kemfon Neke

I have heard and seen that PDP gubernatorial campaign is branded #OnlyGod. It sincerely bothers me how God really feels about His name being used by a corrupt and non-performing leader to establish a divine right to rule in the face of his very awful performance.

I have suffered to ask myself the following questions;

1. Is it that God did not like how Law School students were assisted with school fees since the days of Obong Attah and which Akpabio increased to 250,000 and a laptop and which Udom stopped?

2. Is it that God did not like how medical students were assisted with grants worth 100,000 to 200,000 to support them with books in the days of Akpabio?

3. Is it that God did not like how undergraduates were paid bursary in the years past?

4. Is it that God did not like how civil servants were sure of their promotions when due or their salary being effective from such due date when promotion process is finally concluded and eventually approved?

5. Is it that God did not like how the governor before Udom utilized their security vote to empower the police and other security agencies with sophisticated facilities, armoured tanks and vehicles and coalesced them into ‘Operation Aduma’ and the ‘Quick Response Squad’ of today.

6. Is it that God now likes a governor who has kept all the security votes to himself and has not bought a motorcycle for the police since he emerged and then found himself without choice but to offer amnesty to criminal insurgents with dane guns that he couldn’t defeat in 3 years, without the healing of justice done to the victims of the lawlessness

7. Is it that God now likes a wicked taskmaster who lied that their own subjects that are working so hard are not being owed when they’re actually owed their wages of many months?

8. Is it that God now likes the December 2nd local government elections in Akwa Ibom State which the bearer of the ‘divine’ mandate hijacked 100% for his cronies and stooges in his party?

9. Is it that God now likes Uyo in its current dilapidated looks and lurking darkness of the night?

10. Is it that God now likes to be mocked?

After asking these questions, I realized that their #OnlyGod is our #ONEGod, who remains #One forever and cannot be mocked by this pretentious, heartless, lying and arrogant administration.

The #OnlyGod is #ONE’s God, Jehovah!!!

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