Saraki’s Insult On The Exalted Office of Senate President ~ Joseph Odok and Michael Uyeh

6th October 2018

Maybe some Nigerians would have clapped if President Muhammadu Buhari had gone on a protest after a court of competent jurisdiction discharged Saraki of corruption cases. But today, Saraki is fighting our democracy by using extra judicial strategy and protest against the decision of a legitimate organ of government (INEC) .

His actions are to prejudice the court and an affront on the judiciary. One who has enjoyed the benevolence of the court does not trust that the court will discharge justice in a matter before him? I smell a rat that Saraki must have often won by compromising the judiciary and may just be afraid someone may outsmart him. His shadows are now pursuing him

For God sake what kind of democracy are we creating to warrant the justification of protest by a sitting Senate President and Speaker House of Representatives? One day we will justify protest by a Chief Justice of the Federation and the President of Nigeria.

Saraki’s latest antics is a direct affront on the Nigerian people and a total disregard for the office he now occupies. Instead of being a stabilizing factor as Senate President , Saraki has lent himself out as an agent of chaos, anarchy and anti-democratic forces.

How do we explain that a high ranking member of government led a mob action orchestrated to prejudiced one agency of government and an important member of the Three Realms?

The sad and shameful undertaking of Mr Senate President and his co-travellers diminishes them and attracts the inglorious tag of desparados seeking power on the platform of a rudderless party. This latest scheme is symptomatic of a political party at its wits end.

May the day never come when our governors, ministers, commissioners, and Chairmen would cite Dr. Bukola Saraki’s example to demonstrate against a government in which they are prominent members, just to draw sympathy from the public.

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