Senator Nelson Effiong Commences Senate Bid With Falsehood, Lies against Obong Nsima Ekere; vows to run in 2023 ~Fidelis Umoh

Senator Nelson Effiong, widely known for disappointing those who help him win elections and generally seen as a failure in the Eket Senatorial District yesterday inaugurated his campaign organisation with a simple message: that he was urged to seek re-election by the gubernatorial front runner in Akwa Ibom State and current NDDC MD, Dr Nsima Ekere.

It is on record that there are no legislative or visible evidence that the district he has represented in the last three years had a senator in the outgoing assembly. Our reporter who monitored political developments in Oron Federal Constituency, reports that the true intention of the people is to ditch him in the last minute, to teach him that greediness, incompetence and serial betrayal will no longer be tolerated.
“If his only campaign message is that Obong Nsima asked him to run, he is admitting to the failure that his representation means to Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District. This is his usual method, you give him power, he runs away with it only to resurface for re-election with bogus financial inducement and name dropping. We consider this an insult to our intelligence. Why is he always taking us for a ride? So he has no single achievement to point to? This time he will meet his Waterloo,” Chief Etim Osung responded when asked about the weight of the senator’s campaign message.
A youth leader who admitted that he was in the senator’s team to get back at him for refusing to pick his calls when he needed help to treat his sick child, says Chief Effiong plans to contest the 2023 governorship with money he will make from his second term in the senate. According to the aggrieved youth who pleaded anonymity, the senator confided in him that he needed more funds and political currency to enable him wrestle power with any incumbent, come 2023.
It remains to be seen how he intends to get the nod of the party given his lackadaisical attitude to party politics, its expansion, lack of grass root appeal and ghost like presence in the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly.

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