EKET SENATORIAL DISTRICT: IKOT ABASI ENDORSES THE TOTAL CHAIR  – vows to reward Sen. Victor Akan’s efforts in the senatorial district. ~ Michael Uyeh

As part of his tour of the Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District, Arch Otu Ita Toyo was in the Aluminum Smelter Town, Ikot Abasi 27th July 2018. Receiving him into the clean and green city, the APC Caucus Chairman, Dr Ndue Esitikot said, “our special guest is an energetic person who today has come to signify his intentions to the Ikot Abasi Caucus of the APC. We welcome you to the home of our next governor, Obong Nsima Ekere.”

In his opening response, the excited guest said, “Ikot Abasi is dear to me because it has a special density and unique energy in Akwa Ibom politics. The Amalgation took place here in Ikot Abasi, amongst other historic accomplishments which have largely gone without commensurate rewards. But as someone who comes from a family with history and pedigree, my plan is to partner with you to give Ikot Abasi its due. My coming here is to ask that you consider supporting my candidature for Senate as a support for Sen Victor Akan’s son. And of course, I am not in competition with the incumbent because when he comes to see you, if he will, he won’t talk about me but about his records in office.”

“Now, concerning Obong Nsima Ekere,” he continued, “I may be preaching to the converted because this is Dr Nsima’s territory, but we must begin to project our many reasons for supporting him beyond primordial attachments.”

“See, Senator Victor Akan told me to do politics with a man who defers to his mentor.

There are so many people Obong Nsima Ekere respects, such a man has a listening ear. Such a man has capacity to forgive or seek out the middle ground when settling disputes which is incumbent on a leader. That is the kind of man that should govern us. That is one among many reasons why I am supporting him to emerge the next State Chief Executive. I will be the last man standing with him in this project”

Reacting to the declaration of intent, the Caucus Chairman said, “Ikot Abasi has always supported Oro. The late Sen Victor Akan reciprocated wonderfully. The one we supported in recent time has not measured up to the late sage. Not even a single constituency project has been sited here. If you promise to be like the late icon, if you will reward support like Sen Victor Akan did, then you have our support. We won’t be taken for granted again.”

“I know him very well. He was brought up in the path of gratitude. He was in the team of that performing Senator. He obviously learned well. He will do well. We have been cheated in the last couple of years. Eket Senatorial District deserves better. We are sure he will remember us,” Hon Matthias Idiong, former AKISIEC Commissioner, added.

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